Saturday, April 18, 2015

Baseball beats Georgia Tech on ALS Day

The Baseball team is playing its best baseball and doing it just in time to honor Pete Frates. Saturday they upset No. 24 Georgia Tech in the ALS Awareness game. The win was their second in a row against the Yellow Jackets and clinched the series. The team has now won four in a row overall and keeps the team above .500.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Tweets of the Week

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ireland update? and other links

BCI put two and two together and think that Georgia Tech clearing up their 2016 schedule means that BC and the Yellow Jackets are Ireland bound. Bates keeps denying it publicly, but the maneuvering does make sense. The logistics or the game require plenty of time and plenty of marketing to our fanbase so it will have to be announced soon if it is to happen in 2016.

An EO poster dug up this link to a recent BC tax filing. Page 46 lists Addazio's total comp as $2.5M.

Eric Hoffses reported that Basketball brought in a preferred walk-on. Now we just need some impact players.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Magarity gone too

Will Magarity is the latest basketball player to depart. According to Goodman, BC released him from his scholarship. While Magarity showed some flashes, he was never going to be great fit for what Christian is trying to do. Having him around for some depth would have been nice, but his extended absence last season due to lingering effects from a concussion showed that the team could get by without him. Good luck to him and good luck to the staff in finding some more big men.

Athlon's ACC experts don't think much of the BC job

It is that time of year. The preview magazines hit the shelves and post all sorts of lists. Athlon asked a panel of ACC experts to rank the conference coaching jobs based on potential and difficulty of the job. BC came in 12th out of 14. Although this list don't mean much (is Addazio going to quit tomorrow because we are not higher up?), I still take issue a bit with the ranking.

Is it easier to win at some schools than others? Absolutely. However, when ranking jobs, fit is too often overlooked. Take TOB as an example. He left BC for NC State (ranked 8th). Is NC State a better job? Maybe on paper. Maybe the budgets are a little higher and the admissions a little more friendly. But TOB could never make it work there. He wasn't the right fit. BC in general has done a good job finding guys who can work within our culture and thrive within our region. We will never be Florida State, so it doesn't make sense to try to be Florida State. If the experts slight the job at BC or view it as too difficult, does it really matter? There will always be coaches who can win at BC. We just need to find them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Christian needs transfers

With or without Hanlan, next season was probably going to be a rebuilding effort. The team is going to be young and lacking enough depth to be consistently competitive in ACC play. Christian has three respected recruits committed and will likely pick up at least one more this month. However, if he wants long-term success and stability, Christian should use his remaining scholarships to find a few transfers.

As with football, transfers allow BC to add depth that is older and physically more mature. While the long-term upside is limited with transfers, it buys Christian time without bottoming out. Plus, transfers ease roster balance. BC Basketball is in a bad cycle of megaclasses. If a megaclass doesn't pan out, you are stuck with four years of underachievement. Megaclasses are also a challenge with player development (spreading minutes) and recruiting cycles.

Ideally BC would have three impact recruits coming in every year to provide the right mix of new energy, but plenty of depth and stability.

Christian used transfers well last year on relatively short notice. This season had more planning, so I expect one or two of these guys to end up at BC. Position is not critical (although a defensive big man and a true point guard would be nice). What is critical is getting experience to this young roster.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sox sign Frates

The Red Sox signed Pete Frates to an honorary contract as part of the ceremonies of their home opener. The Red Sox have been very public in their support of Frates and I hope things like this continue throughout the season. Below is video of the moment:

Hanlan declares for NBA Draft

Jeff Goodman confirmed rumors that Olivier Hanlan declared for the NBA Draft. Hanlan cannot change his mind and cannot transfer. Even if he goes undrafted his college career is done. I hope he worked his way high up enough draft boards to be a first round pick. Although he was part of three frustrating seasons, I do thank Hanlan for some exciting basketball.

As for BC, without Hanlan, this team will be in bottom of the conference again. Christian will get some leeway, but this puts that much more pressure to land one final elite recruit in this class and snag a competent transfer.

I will have more on Hanlan's prospects and what Jim Christian's needs in the follow up to Draft Day and Signing Day.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Addazio working the next generation of recruits and fans

A huge part of college football is sales. You have to be out selling your program to recruits, the media and fans. For many years, BC lacked a real face of the program, salesman. Our coaches either weren't good at it, weren't particularly comfortable doing it or just didn't deem it worthy of their time. Addazio is different. We know he'll gladly talk to a reporter or attend a Wall Street dinner. His passion for recruiting is well known. But what takes it all to another level is his willingness to go talk to suburban Catholic elementary schools.

I know it is only one appearance, but can you think of any other BC coach doing that? How many Boston sports figures of his prominence are doing small appearances like that? I am not aware of a specific connection to St. Joseph's. Maybe the invite from a Catholic school with a speaker's series was all it took. Regardless, I am glad he did it and represents BC well. A few of those kids will be BC students one day and hopefully all of them will be BC fans.